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Rusty Rusty

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.10     
Over the past 3 or 4 years, my blog is a bit inactive, I am getting really rusty with my writing skills.
It feels that some of my writing brain cells are dead due to lacking of external simulation
such as thoughtful writing or reading. The only thing that i consistently read every single month is just Top Gear, well about that actually, during the times that i was busy, i actually bought the mag and realized when i bought the next issue, i forgot to read the issue the month before. But i have been doing some catching up, from cover to cover to let my brain gain healthy simulation in order to produce healthier brain cells. Besides that, my fish intake has increased due to the constant crave for sashimi.

Another thing is, i am having a gaming dilemma. I am actually saving up money to buy a Playstation 4 but in the mean time, i am getting bored. New titles are also out on the playstation 3, but i am unable to buy any in order to make money for the Playstation 4. This is getting really stressful. Should i like just buy 1 game for the PS3 in the mean time to kill of my crave for the PS4? Or should i save up 100-200 ringgit by not buying any game and save it up for the PS4? hmmmmm dilema... Anyway, if i did buy a ps4 which is at RM1799 (inclusive of 1 game), i have to save another rm200 in order for me to sign up for a Malaysian and American Playstation Plus account for a year in order for me to play online and download freebies. Though there arent much freebies on the ps4 yet, but there are many for the playstation 3 hmmmmm... should i bring both PS3 and PS4 with me to university? haha i doubt i have time to either of them.
Maybe i should just sign up of 1 PS plus account instead of 2. That way i could save money for something else, a controller maybe and still play online. I should wait up for more freebies on the American PS Plus then i should sign up for an account.

Anyway, once a while i like reading some of my later posts. I like to get the feeling of my writing mood. Though i found out that sometimes i skip words. Some of the sentences makes me look like a total idiot and some makes no sense at all and some cases changed the whole meaning. This doesnt just happen on blogger, it also happens on twitter. Fortunately, twitter posts are very short and errors could be detected instantly. However on blogger, i like writing posts way way late at night and the norm is i would be so lazy to go through thoroughly so. Therefore i will miss words. 

So the norm for the current age, our first reference would not be a book or journals, it would be google and i google'd it up. Guess what, my brain acts faster than my hands haha. i'm still uncertain whether this is a perk or an advantage or disadvantage, but what i am certain this could be very dangerous when i'm working or writing something important one day. I should slow down, write slowly and control my anxiety. Maybe i should start writing more posts in order to train myself for the better! hmmmm

On that bombshell, goodnight

*if i do miss some words, make sure you fill them in a positive manner! :D

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