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Holiday and Holiday

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.31     
So i've probably been on holiday for almost two weeks and i have roughly a week and a half or so.I havent really started continuing on my final year project as i planned to do so haha, i havent even filled the student feedback form thingy lol

At first i was having quite of a dilemma, the new PlayStation 4 was out for quite a while already, i've been saving money i got from working and stuff, but i still haven't fully received all my claims yet from swimming classes, life-guarding and other stuffs. So i am quite short by a significant amount. So i started craving to play new titles, so i bought call of duty ghost. So i happily bought it at the new impulse game store at jalan kuning, and it is also future proof because it can be upgraded to the PS4 version by digital download for $10, so yeah, it would be a great deal.

So i was so hyped to play with it, i even redeemed the map on the PlayStation Network before i started the game. As i started the game, played the campaign for a few minutes, then the PS3 just went off. Tried it again, went off again. Tried it again and again and again and again and again, it just went off. So i went to do my research, my console has finally met its time, in PlayStation 3 terms, the Yellow Light of Death. Sigh. I already wasted out RM170 on the Call Of Duty Game, double sigh.

What to do, so i decided to sell all of my games in order to raise money to buy a Playstation 4 instead. So that is that, thank you for your services playstation 3.

Anyway, i finally took some time for a short holiday. So Fida, her brother Ijad, Wan and I planned a short trip to singapore. We managed to have a good time for under $30 yes, under $30, i think i spent around $24. So here are some photos

Sleepy Syazwan, he didnt ate anything since the morning, we arrived singapore around 445 haha


Arab Street

Sultan Mosque

The museum was closed

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