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First post of '16

By  Dominic Blaaque     23.30     
Hmmmm, last post was way back in october 2015, gosh, i miss going out to cameron. so what have i done since then hmmmmm lets recall. I remembered before the cameron trip, I got an email from the office that told me that i have to go to Vietnam to spend 3-5 weeks offshore, for pipeline freespan correction (just ignore it if it doesnt make any sense for you) and after cameron, i got an email that sai i had to go to thailand instead for tie-in spool installation (ignore this one too). The day that i got the email, I really didnt felt so good since i woke up that day. It was not because i had to go offshore, something came up later on that day. So I got my coverall and boots and stuff to go to offshore, I also hung out with the senior engineers at the cafe near the office after work, they had really delicious goreng pisang.

But later on that day, during the night, i discovered i was hit with food poisoning. I puked and puked and puked, till i could go no further and my body was shivering. The house was a total mess (I need to improve on this) and do you ever get really weird dreams when you are sick? yes, i had that too. I woke up in the middle of the night, every hour or so until I was dry. I went to the office the next day and head to the clinic ( my office building is really awesome, besides the gym and the really good cafe, there was also a clinic). Since i was dry and dehydrated overnight, the doctor gave me some salt solution and I slept like a baby in the clinic.

I got my MC, took the rest of the day headed home and slept some more. Later on the evening, I had to go offshore shopping (I really should start writing down checklist!) So i just bought whatever i could remember (luckily everything was enough) and I also bought a set of outstation shirts! (it were those plain Uniqlo t-shirts, which were dead cheap and super comfortable).

Woke up early next morning, head to the airport and head to kelantan (it was my first time in kelantan). I was suppose to get my boat ride on the same day, but there were logistic issues, so I had a chance to stay in kelantan overnight and head to the town and tried the awesome food. Kelantan has a very nice morning peaceful feel to it (oh i stayed in Kota Bahru, next to the old Castle muzium thingy, the hotel was Royal Guest House if i'm not mistaken) . I shared a room with a native Kelantanese too,  ( we had close names, so we got the same room lol). He took me around, showed me the places in Kota Bahru, yeah, it was nice.

Later on the second day in kelantan, I rode a bus to Kuala Terengganu and took a 9-10 hour boat to the middle of the sea. And tada! i arrived my house for the next 28 days. It was fun! I'll probably write about that in a different post.

After 30 days not home, I took a week off and went back to my parent's place. After a week, returned to the office all refreshed, and back to work. As I reached december, I joined a new dept, few months has passed, a few site visits and a few nights on board a docked ship hmmm and now I am here.

And now, I totally forgot what I initially wanted to write hahaha But i do feel better. Anyway, I got a golf tournament in a week! super excited about that. I havet been in a golf tournament in 2008! i've been practicing alot, and planning to hit the range for the rest of the week every day. I hope i could make it at least top 10 (theres 12 joining)

Oh, besides that I going for the Port Dickson swimathon on the 20th Of March 2016! I have no idea why I chose the 5km instead of the 2.5km. Oh well, I just wanna finish. Swim training has been going on, though I dont have the energy to do 5kilos after work, Been doing roughly 2 kilos once or twice in a week, the rest just a little over a kilo.

Thats all for now i guess. Gosh i feel super relaxed after writing this post haha. Should write post more often in 2016 and beyond.....

*i have no mood for proof reading, please ignore whatever typos or mistakes and correct them ursleves with ur mind lol*

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