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25th and Beyond!

By  Dominic Blaaque     21.29     
Hooray! i'm 25 now lol

Anyway, it has been a week since my 25th birthday. Things didnt out so well in the first week. It didnt went well even on the birthday itself. I'm not sure it was quarter life crisis or what, i was broken as i have never been broken before. Probably because of the collective stress, anxiety and an uncertain future. I was so down, i was in not in the right mind to be at work the following day. So i took a day off. I watched a video on "the sanity of madness", seems that it is normal to have a mental breakdown and take a break in order to carry on. So that is what i did.

I continued working the next day, with high hopes on any good news, but, hmmmm, i was partially broken i guess, what i expected never came to be. But the bright side, i'm safe until december at this economic uncertainty. I just carried on for the week.

Then the weekend came, I was planning to go to Muar. So i decided to have a round of golf with one the teachers of my ex-school. Arrived at Tanjong Emas Golf Club around 745am. I tee'd off as soon as i got out of the car. Had really bad shots for the first few holes, probably because i decided to change my swing style the previous day. But it got really good for the last few holes, I stick back to my old style and manage to get 2 pars. After the first round, i got bored, coz my mates from KL havent arrived Muar yet, so I decided to play another round and it was way way way better than my previous round. 

Later on that day, I decided to hang out at the famous 434 coffee shop. At first, I wanted to try the famous "Kopi Luwak", but then I was unsure of the syariah compliant status of the coffee, so i decided to try "Blue Mountain Coffee" i had no idea what it was, but the price was the same as Kopi Luwak, so i expected that it is just as good. For a small shot tea cup, it was RM21.20, and it was good..... The taste is so thick and rich, it just sticks to the back of your throat. 

Later on, as my mates arrived, we really had an epic meal together. Two whole chicken and two large murtabak singapore for 4 persons. So at night, we carried out our program at our school, english improvement training for the Form 5 students. It is my 5th year doing this, since it started in 2012. The kids are very engaged in participating the activity that we had, they really had lifted my spirit to go on with whatever I am doing. Overnight at the dorm, it felt weird coz there were form 1 students haha. 

The following day, I had breakfast with my ex-class teacher, catching up with stories and life. Later on for lunch, my goal was to find one of the best asam pedas in the country, so we went to Parit Jawa Muar. Lunch was cheap, meal for 3 was only RM31! 

On the way back, we stopped by a durian stall to get a bite. Gosh good durians are expensive lol. After durian, we continued back with our journey. Sent my mates back to uniten where they parked their cars and I continued back home. It rained really heavily on the way back from uniten, i managed to get home safely.

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