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One week planned picnic @ The Nahara Kalumpang, KKB/Tg Malim

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About a week and a half ago, the usual Singleton Yuppies of SAMURA (SYOS) had a casual hangout at Subang Jaya. The topics discussed at these regular hangouts starts from anything, such as politics, love, career and up to business deals (lol). So we had a discussion on where to hangout next. so we proposed somewhere outdoorsy, a PICNIC.

Then the weekend came, Datin Syaima proposed that we go for a picnic at a place called The Nahara Kalumpang. The place wasnt so far from where most of the SYOS members lived, it was nearby Tanjung Malim, though it is in KKB, but you have to go through Tg Malim toll to get there... (inception lol)

As a normal ritual for yuppies, if you are organizing an event, you create a whatsapp group for it, and so we did. More and more joined the group and we distributed the tasks. Tasks consists of whoever was in charge of the drinks, mash potatoes, pasta, LAMB! (HELL YEAH), CHICKENNN, Ice cream and many more.... And the usual lot who is not in charge of anything, shall do the cooking during the picnic.

A week later, D-Day came. I was in charge of pasta. As for how yuppies learn to cook, I saw an interesting recipe, Shrimp Fajita Fettuccine on Tasty. So I decided to cook that, but i modified it and used Linguine instead, since it was much more easier to manage and used pre-mix fajita spices (lol pemalas!). The results..... drumroll please (you've prolly saw the picture on my FB or IG already lol) 

Honestly, it looks more red in real life. I forgot to buy chilly flakes and put chilly padi instead to give it a kick hehe
At the last minute Izyan couldnt make the mash potatoes, so I had to save the day to make the mash potato. I took a big shortcut and used a food processor instead lol. Here's the result (The recipe is secret hehe)

After cooking, I packed everything and dozed off for the big day tomorrow. So we started our journey by rendezvousing at Hisyam's house at 9, picked syaima at her house and arrived the place just before 11. The others arrived abit earlier to book the BBQ spot. The BBQ spot had a bloody power socket! so I brought my hotplate to heat up the pasta and mash potatoes. We also used the hot plate to cook the lambs since the BBQ pit was full :D After having our picnic, we went for a dip in the river. we ate all of the leftovers after the swim. hungry as hell! haha So here is the list of the food we brought, Pasta, Mash Potatoes, Lamb, Chicken, Salad, Coleslaw, Watermelon, oranges, soft drinks, and ICE CREAM!

BBQ Team
Heating up the pasta for the kids lol

Syaima cooking the lamb

That million dollar face, you know there's lamb when he does that haha


Youngest of the Yuppies
Caught in the act ( the same chopsticks was used for the cooking, YUM!)
90's Boy Band hair

I hope this will be the first of many hangouts to come, long live Singleton Yuppies of SAMURA!

Before going back
To top it all, lets have another look at the million dollar face (coz its definitely worth it!)

P/S: Please dont sue me hisyam hahaha Thank you everyone for making it happen

Thanks to Izyan for her amazing Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera and her GoPro Hero 4

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