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1/12 2010

By  Dominic Blaaque     23.32     
Much have changed for this new year, new sem, everything seems not how they were before,
somehow at the end of the month, it got slightly interesting, never thought i would do something like that in my life, oh well, its the least i can do to help a friend in need of help. Cant wait for it next month :D

My family came, went to Mid, ate, then slept at sister's house and the first time driving with my dad at the back :D
all the way from mid valley to damansara.

went to sunway pyramid with my family
then got back to UM

Went to the hotel where my family are staying,
had lunch twice,
bought dinner before getting back to UM,
got a present from mom, thank u.

i guess spices in life do mean something

My recent addiction is,
have u ever heard of the show "boys over flowers"
i'm sure most of the korean drama fans know this show,
it had sure taught me alot,
kinda made me feel much grateful,
even though the show was just acting,
but the story line really meant something.

Initially, i watched this show when i was lepaking at the room next door, while had nothing to do. Hasif put the first episode on, then i kinda wanted to know what would happen after the first episode and voilla, i got stuck.

Thats all for now i guess, 2010 looks like a bright new year (They say that every year, dont they?)
let's change it then, 2010 will improve if i improve, much better haha 
TOMORROW CUTI!!! and now i'm off to make a cup of tea.

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