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25th of January 2010

By  Dominic Blaaque     21.32     
As for today, i have dedicated my life of doing practically nothing,
as soon as i woke up, i rushed to the clinic since i'm having fever, sore throat, cold and etc.
i got an MC for the day,
and life wasnt so lonely,
it was fun hanging out with the dudes next door,
but now, i have to get back on track,
as i've just realized that i technically have 2 and a half months of PASUM left
i being alone and focusing on studying is a sacrifice i have to make.
But studying alone is not enough, just now went to Kawa's room whether he wants to have a study group with me or not, and he said yes!
wish me luck for this pursuit of education,
i might make the world a better place tomorrow,
Thank you

sounds  a lil' bit heroic eh? haha
wish me luck!

had lots of fun last weekend, i went to genting highlands with bazy.
Genting was clouuudy, really2 cloudy, u couldnt see a thing as soon u step outside!
i managed to ride the good roller coasters and rides.
Flying coaster and space shot was fun!
hoping to go there again and have lunch at the coffee terrace, its worth more than rm35 eventhough it is rm 35 with transport and stuff,
till then,
wish me luck!

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hey2 gud luck to u ;)