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Wasted Holidays haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     11.13     
The one week holiday was quite a waste as i did not do much, but i got things done, mostly sleeping . It seems so fast haha
Managed to watch a whole season of "GLEE"
Musical thingy are not really my thing, but after watching it, i really felt the strength of emotions in a particular individual or "Human Being" haha
i guess i've lost mine quite a lot, but its slowly building up....
Mid sem exams are on monday, and i'll be arriving back to college maybe b4 3 oclock.
New haircut, new life? haha it has been a whole year since i've cut my hair this short haha
currently at the airport, waiting for the airplane to arrive, which i will board around hmmm..... 1145? hopefully airasia is on time, its the most suckiest airliner in terms of punctuality, everything else is just fine.
till then :D

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