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Exams stress

By  Dominic Blaaque     18.34     
I started reading on organic chemistry just now, but somehow i cant focus, i think its due to the lack of sugar or sumtin, better hit on Pepsi.
Since i cant focus on organic chemistry, i decided blogging.

Exams week are a bit lonely, looking at everyone with their group together discussing things and stuff before entering the exam hall. People are just sticking together with their own kind.
And me, i just float around and just hangout with whoever is there, i dont have what they have....
hmmmm......... but looking back, i had what everyone had, but where had it all gone?
coming to think of it, i guess some people kinda evolved and are much more happier with who they are now
and for me, i guess i better just stick to floating around, maybe i do deserve it.......... floating is my life then? heh.......
Thinking further, what if i'm really2 sick, will there be anyone to actually help me around or anything?
What if i die, will there be anyone?
i just miss the old life, maybe it got a little bit carried away i guess.
well, cant fix this anymore, coz its too late and i got around 3 months of life now(in pasum). I think i better start going to the library all alone, as that its my place of serenity and where i can be alone happily.
rapid studying for final exams. its engineering in UM or Bust!

thank goodness that i have a special someone to kill off the loneliness......
i want to say, i love u!
i seriously cant wait for this weekend, FUN! hehe

p/s: anyone who has anything they want to share or point of view, please write it in the comment box, ur comments are appreciated!

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