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Yellow Submarine

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.04     
It seems that many have left or are going to leave for UiTM, UIA and other places including me, who is going to depart for UM, Kuala Lumpur on Sunday. I'll be staying at Vistana on Sunday. The following day, i'll be stopping by Mont Kiara to Claim my Money and Milo hamper! There i save money on energy drinks. I've been thinking of what to do with the cash prize, its not much, but it will do fine, should i buy an LG KS360 or invest the money in Bank Islam's Al-Awfar investment account where i'll have a chance to win RM100,000, RM10,000, RM1,000 or RM 100? Or should i just invest more in a forex account?

"Money cant buy you happiness, but it does make you a happier person"
-Top Gear Malaysia, May Issue 2009

I think i'm going to save the money in the investment account, if i win 100k, i'll save it for UTP haha Budu!! Wait for me!! eehehhee. so i have around 2 days of life in Johor Bahru, after this, i'll be back to where i was born, X-Men Origins:Idzham haha Kuala Lumpur, Balai Polis Sentul, where i got registered for my Birth Certificate.

Many said learning at University Of Malaya Foundation Centre, was tough. Me likey. Nothing is easy in this world. Remember back then when you first started blogging and trying to figure out how it works? getting nice layouts, putting easy listening music (which i had never been good at) or even nice colours for the readers to read? Its tough right? especially with stock layouts which are very boring and annoying, coz almost everyone has the same one haha.With persistence and patience, we did achieve "Mastering Blogger", rite?

Or remember riding your first bicycle without training wheels? or even playing your first ever playstation? In the first transformers movie, there was a quote which was, "No Sacrifice, No Success", in the scene where just right before Sam Whitwicky's Grand Dad discovered Megatron buried in snow and ice.

  I have to write the right decisions and follow the imaginary path in my head haha. No more fooling around in PASUM, well, not too much fooling around haha

Good Luck To everybody out there, to those who are going overseas to get a degree in 6 or 7 years or more, be sure that you receive my wedding card when u come back haha I dont want anyone left out for the lucky draw karaoke competition at my wedding hahaha

GOOD LUCK AT UNIVERSITY EVERYBODY! i have no personal messages to anyone, except good luck and i'll miss you guyz! except for these hahaaa Terima kasih kepada Pipaa, yg sudi ikut ke mana2 je aku drive dan juga Naderk haha Terima Kasih Kepada Faiz yg sering datang rumah utk gi jalan2, Terima kasih kepada Ismail Azzry @ Atong, di mana aku ske lepak kat rumah dia haha Terima Kasih kepada Aleena, yg melayan kepala hingga lewat pagi. Terima Kasih Kepada Nur Ashykin Adzmi! Terima Kasih Kepada Dina Farhana! kerena sentiasa memberi kata2 hikmah haha terima kasih kepada semua! Terima Kasih kepada  Syira,yg kadang kala tak betul hahahaha JUMPA KAT UM!  bloggers ,Onliners dan Rakan2 semua! (sorry kalau ter-leftout nama) Sheikh, Haidar, Farrahin, Syed Mohamed, Syahir, Akmal, Izhar, Muaz,Oozie, Nabilah, Ahmad Hamizan, Alif Hamizan, Farhan Hanif,Huda,Ubaidillah, Asrul, Anati, Tya, Alop, Uhsen, Afick Arjuli, Anis Adila, Sabrina,Arina Hanis, Aneed Kamil Hakim, Nadie, Akif, Rasyad haih byk sgt namalah haha

"Berfikiran Jauh. Sense, Am I Making Any?"
-Muhammad Idzham 22nd of May 2009

haha its only rm690!!!
sadly,no GPS D:

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5 komentar:

Sheikh mengatakan...

money cant buy you happiness, but it does make you a happier person..

aku sokong 200%!!

Aleena Aisyah mengatakan...

smpai mati pown i wont agree money can make u a happier person. hahahhaa.. SMPAI MATI !! hahaha.. n yelah2.. KAWEN LAA.. hahaha. jgn lupe jemput aku da :D:D:D. hahaha.. m not in a hurry to get married.. so tak kesah ! wheee :D:D:D

Dominic Blaaque mengatakan...

blarh arh aleena
kalau kau dapat psp jugak
kau happy skit kan?
shoo shoo

the deint mengatakan...

hey jgn kawen b4 aku balik overseas :D haha luv ya ijam bye bye bye

Blogger mengatakan...

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