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Ada org kata,to excel in the future, we must look back

By  Dominic Blaaque     05.25     
So look back la haha
Its 515am Malaysian time rite now (the blog clock is set in bandung time)
I slept around twelve and woke up around 5am...
I seriously dont know what to do, so i decide to dig my PC for some "Unforgettable Moments"
Minta maaf kepada sesiapa yg terasa haha
I couldnt help myself feeling the guilty pleasure of posting these pics
The following pictures are during the Form 3 period
To those who are featured, enjoy!

The following are from the Maulidur Rasul Celebration 2006
Gambar yang ini mmg tak boleh dilupakan :D

Satai with Zameer
Zameer who is now what we call a part of the nations army
Hot Stuff :D Mr. Zainal

From left, Faris, Zul, Amir, Zaid, they saw a hot woman
From left, Amira, Naderk, Pipa!

Gambar ini akan menimbulkan kontreversi haha

The following pics was during the "after PMR" season
The once so innocent boys haha
The "Putet" rated 18SX
Huda :D
Safika and Qistina
Zula and Again
Kesengalan Zul  Terselah

and last but not least..... drum roll please..........
NADERK! haha

If u are featured, feel free to copy, if u are not featured, no stalkers please :D

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benci ah. muka buruk.

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hi, you have nice blog.. u can view also mine..