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The lifeless life

By  Dominic Blaaque     05.55     
There's not much to blog, if a particular person doesnt really have a life
and rite now, i just feel lifeless
i havent had any healthy sunlight for three days,
the furthermost i have been to was to fetch some mail in front of my house.
All i do is lay around, watch tv and download stuff from the net
which equals to doing nothing
i aint feeling life man, the results arent even out yet,
the agony of waiting sure is suffering.
everyday i hear stuff that i'm not even so sure about
nothing seems to make sense
Can make it clear of what you want and not partially support what i want?
I can live with what you want, but can you please consider the consequences?
I dont want you to be complaining of what i'll become one day
i dont even know what you want
and i dont even want to talk about it
i took a vow  of silence towards the ones with responsibility
its depressing talking to them, they dont try to understand and negotiate,
all they want is argument and they put the blame on me for starting it, blame yourself please, i just want advice, but if you are forcing me to follow them, then please make it clear that you are forcing me, stop hiding, its making me tired.
I asked for life to develop but you said nay, no wonder i'm a loser, because you have successfully developed me into one.
I stopped talking about the sports that you want me to play, but i think you are being unrealistic, you keep saying the same thing over and over and over again, that i'm having the wrong attitude for the game.
the thing is, I HAVENT PLAYED FOR YEARS, frankly speaking, i'm scared to go on with the game with you, i'm scared that you will keep on with your foul and thoughtless words.

Why cant we just relaxed and negotiate, i hate it when it becomes a heck of a noise at home, i hate it that we cant take it cool.................
I know that u enjoy putting me to isolation, i know that you dont want to listen my side of the story, i know that you just think i'm an idiot with big dreams

please la, u took a way my life but please dont make a big fuss of where i am rite now, dont make a fuss of peace and serenity..........

*ps, this post is not for my readers tq

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