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Doomsday 18/5/2010

By  Dominic Blaaque     06.22     
For most of you metric dudes and assassians might already know, that the results are coming out, yes they are finally coming out, after a long month of doing nothing besides gaming online and getting fat, the results are finally out, soon D:

a new journey is on the way and i have 5 days to make my choice of my future life, thats right, 5 days!!! 5 grueling days!!! y must only 5? aiya 18-23 eh jap, thats 6 days rite?

hopefully, my overall results would do fine and would be enough for me to enter a good university with a good Mechanical Engineering Course which could market me to be a good engineer

Each time i think of the upcoming results, i will shiver, yes, literally shiver, its much scarier than an encounter with a ghost.............

wish me luck fellow blog readers! i love u all!
 I love BB

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