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3rd week

By  Dominic Blaaque     01.26     
I had never thought i would make a blog until this far, almost 3 years running.

This week would be the 3rd week of my holiday, which leaves me around 2 months. and sooo, hmmm how's Johor Bahru? i feel like i'm not in existence sometimes, gosh where is everyone hahaha Every single day filled with 4 things, Gym, TV,Golf and Internet, thats pretty much it, its quite productive towards the mind and body though, i am feeling buffed! haha

Two months of workout left and a month of Ramadhan, i hope i dont get lazy during ramadhan, must work out ejam! I brought home dynamics and vibrations book, i was keen to finish a few chapters at first, but somehow the actions are not there. Though i found some really2 awesome lecture videos on iTunes U, Advance Dynamics, sama je kan? haha American Lecturers are really2 detailed in what they are teaching,

I spend most of my TV time watching either Discovery Channel, History, HBO, Star Movies and AXN (*not to left out, in HD! haha) I discovered somehow its a bit hard for me to process the flood of information i get when i watch shows like Mythbusters. When it comes to science terms, my head kinda felt a bit heavy haha is this a bad sign? or is it just i'm not getting quality sleep?

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