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Bye2 Indians

By  Dominic Blaaque     04.51     
As for most batch mates 25th sm sains muar knows, that a few of our friends are going away to further their studies in India, in their pursuit of becoming fully authorized doctors, lets wish them luck. A few days ago, we had a small gathering for JB branch cheh haha, in conjunction to celebrate our fellow friends Akmal Jaafar and Hanif, also known as Casto and Lucy. Besides casto and lucy, the boys that were present were myself, syed mohamad(stompel), Muhammad Haidar (Koman), Syahir Fadilah (Totoi), Izhar Mahmood (Peram) and Affiq Mohamad (Saadon). A few of our friends couldnt join us because they had BTN (Biro Tata Negara) or what i like to call it Brainwash Academy,

Here are some pics, taken from Syahir and Affiq's android phones :D

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