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Its almost the middle of july

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.51     
As for the 9/7/2011, we all know a minority of ungrateful malaysians, did some very stupid things, a samad said was one of them, no wonder i never finished ur novel back in form 1.... hmmm

Oh well, i am not going to talk about politics, lets talk about life,

Yesterday, when i went to sembahyang jumaat, it was not a regular scene, there were so many girls at that time, yes, girls. high school to be exact. weird eh? after the prayers, i turn my head around and saw a familiar face, it was ustaz rifqi, an ustaz from my old old school, weird eh? but its quite normal, he always gave ceramah once a while at the surau. and so i went back, but there were no traffic jam, coz somehow, many stayed, as in stayed at the surau. is there an occasion or something? i couldnt be bothered coz it was hot and hungry, so i went home.

Today i went to minum2 with the Penyelia Petang of my old school, yes, he is still the penyelia petang, your one and only Mr.Zainal. Met up with him at Mama Lynns restaurant for roti canai, hung with Hasif and Asyraf too. We were discussing on some very-very important manners. you will find out soon in a few weeks hopefully hehe. We also catch up with some stories and then, i discovered what was going on at the surau, unfortunately, it was for a jenazah prayer. A student at my old old school, died, got chopped into pieces. seram kan? and it was a girl, yes a girl, killed and chopped in to pieces, the worst part is, the pieces were scattered to several areas and some 30kms apart, kejam gila kan? pity that girl....

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