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3D television

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.35     
3D tv, we all heard of it, we all have tried the cinema version, some of us liked it, some of us thought its bullshit, some of us just keep wandering or maybe wondering whats going on.

For the pas decade, we have seen a rapid progress of development in the technology of TV, i still remember the old sephia panasonic 29" tv my dad bought, then the flat screen era, just a 29" sony wega, then the LCD era, which came around 2006, so we bought a 32" samsung in 2007, yet, it was too small, so we waited a year plus later for lcds to get cheap and better technology, we bought a 46" Bravia and guess what, that got extinct too, so we....... i will continue it.... read along...

But first, Smart TV, yes, smart TV, what is so smart with smart TV? well, lets summarize things up, it can do youtube, browse the web, facebook and twitter and stuff on tv, yes! it could!

My father been talking about smart TV for a few weeks. He's so interested in the Youtube feature since he became and advid youtuber, watching political stuff and especially, Ustaz Azhar Idrus, yes, the UAI. Great things starts with laziness, in this particular manner, he doesnt really enjoy watching youtube on the laptop. He much prefers the comfort of the sofa. I agree with him 100%, watching youtube on the laptop can get very discomforting... The sofa has always been man's best friend, especially coach potatos.

besides smart tv, is LED TVs. LED TVs were introduced around 2009. The great function of it was, its uses less energy and its really thin, sonce backlighting werent a size issue, compared to LCD tvs. But they were super expensive back then, a few years later, such as this year, these LED TVs got cheap, yes, really cheap.

So my dad and i discussed on the features of these new generation tvs and decided to get one. We first looked at sony. Sony's are quite expensive, but on the bright side, you get alot of free stuff, such as buy a TV and you will get a TV free! true story! there was one particular tv which caught our eye when we checked out tvs at Sony Style Tebrau, but it was damn expensive, even though it came with RM5000 worth of free stuff, it just wasnt worth it..... So we went to SenQ bukit indah afterwards, to check out what Samsung had to offer. We searched for an equivalent model (similar to the sony) the price were slightly cheaper, but we got even more huge discounts for it, since dad was a member of senq card thingy. The tv had not much free stuff, we did got a free Blu-Ray player, but no 3D capabilities

The TV was a 3D LED TV with 400Hz refresh rate, with smart TV capabilities. It was perfect! The tv arrived a few days ago and my gosh its soooo thin! and cheaper than our previous TV too..

Since the TV had 3D capabilities, we went out to search for a 3D blu ray player, found a good Samsung too ( since we want to lessen the amount of remotes) , for a good price. Then we went to the video shop buy a 3D blu ray movie and we chose transformers 3. Even though it has a sucky plot, but it has action worth dying for.

I was soooo excited to test out the 3D capabilities and my gosh, ROSIE HUNTINGTON LOOKS SUPERAWESOME IN 3D!!!!!!!! haha the picture is 10 times clearer than the cinemas!

My overall verdict for the 3D TVs, dont deny it till you try it! worth every ringgit you spend!
pic below, 3D screening in action

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