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The figure of expression.

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.56     

I have no idea of where my life had went through for the past year, i have no idea where did it all end up or the mistakes i've done. I have gained alot and i have lost some too.

Relationships, Friendship, Teamwork, must always be in a positive manner, but some took it dark. i took it dark, i cant bear facing the lies i've told myself, drastic changes were made, some were really good and some were bad.Lesson learnt, history is not to repeat itself, i just move on and have fun. Actors, they will violate any good will of you, they will act as if they are your bestfriend, but they dont give shit about you in the end. these scummof opportunist. what good they bring in the world? fuck them.

Labels, fuck labels. It seems that people judge to quickly these days, the mindfuck of labels is just disgusting. its never about improvements, developments or progress, its all about fast results, what you are now, is what you are forever, fuck that. its always about first impression. ever had the feeling the first impression on someone turned out to be disgusting after all?

Dont trust everyone, just trust someone.

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