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Magical Package arrived! :D

By  Dominic Blaaque     03.37     
I think my blog is getting dusty, thinking of reliving it again, giving it a reboot, but so tired to go through the codes and especially turning on the computer! ( since i'm a ipad-holic now, cheh poyo haha)
This is the first time i'm using this new app called Blogpress , click on it to download it from the app store!
cool eh bleh buat link2 html guna ipad haha
Okayh, back to the title, define "Magical" , what's so magical about this package?

Yes, that is the package, all the way from manchester , england. I have a really bad habit, when i get bored, i will start to buy stuff, #truestory
Last week i was browsing around man city fc online shop, looked at jerseys and saw something interesting, FREE INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY FOR ORDERS ABOVE £50 !
And so i did ordered something, here it is

Yes, its an Official Tailored By Umbro Manchester City Football Club Away Kit Jersey with My name, number 99 and premier league badges on it. Interesting eh? oh yeah, i also bought two rope bags ( as shown in picture )
The jersey was on sale actually, £32 , 30% off from the original price, so i added the premier league badges for £6 and my name including number for £12, so a total of £50, nice eh? i also added two of the rope bags since they only cost less than £1 each. the total in rm was around Rm240 , quite membazir for a shirt, but it feels good to have one, at least i wont feel so sorry mocking other teams after this , since i really do support my team haha ( the jersey proves it!)
It so hard to find an official merchandise like this in malaysia, very rare item!
"In the Citizens, we believe"
i hope i dont get bored and buy stuffs again ( got that habit from my dad)
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i will update frequently! have a nice day!

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