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As soon as 3/4 exams are over, Final is just around the bend

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Basic Physics 2 was fun, but i couldnt remember a single thing about gravitational motion. I guess this is because I read it while i was asleep? haha damn that radix coffee! !@#$%^&* haha

The paper finished around.... i forgot what time la haha
But the important thing is after that was that i slept in my room until b4 1 oclock? just rite b4 friday prayers. I packed my stuff for exams and brought them with me, Rizwan did the same. After Friday prayers, we took a ride on the UM bus till the Exam Hall which is situated exactly the opposite of the DTC.

It was 2 o'clock, blimey! haha Rizwan and Me were the first ones to arrive there. We find our spot where we sit and study b4 exams. We sat there and had a quick revision of algebra. As soon as the clock hits 3 o'clock, the Exam began.

Honestly, i did not regret sleeping rite after physics in the morning and did not revised algebra at all which is contrast to what everyone else did haha This is because, the algebra paper, frankly speaking, was not worth revision at all haha even the ones who studied for it also couldnt answer.

The next thing in my mind after the paper was, i cant wait to eat at secret recipe for buka puasa today haha Gonna meet Aina, Bazy and Aleeena!

Rizwan also hated the exam and thought the same to release some stress by buka puasa at secret recipe.

The journey to Mid Valley,
we got out slightly late, the congestion was like, WTF? it wasnt worth the wait, therefore, i decided to take the LRT to bangsar and ride a bus to mid instead.Oh, rizwan touch and go got stuck haha. We arrive there at Mid Valley around 550pm maybe? haha As soon as i arrived, i gave Aina a call, she told me to meet her at the center court. I went to the center court and i looked up, i saw her, SHE LOOKED SO CLEAN! haha i mean her face la, must be the Scottish weather haha and so, that was the first time i met her in almost 5 years, 5 YEARS!!!! haha The transformation of me from nerdy to less nerdy hahahahhaha She continued her studies for foundation in a scottish college somewhere in scotland. Then we met up with aleena and bazy. They both were from KMB and decided to stay overnight in UM at their friend's rooms.

Thanks to them for reserving seats at secret recipe! Buka Puasa was fun. I cant believe that i'm not alone anymore in terms of bodily functions, Aleena and Bazy ate a lot for buka, but they are not gaining any weight! haha sorry to bazy for eating the letter B and sorry to aleena for eating the letter A haha

After buka puasa we went on window shopping around Mid and i found this Nike Sweater. I fell in love with it, but i couldnt be bothered in investing two handred pehlas for that sweater haha. SHOPPING TO DO THIS SUNDAY! SAVE MONEY! hahaha then we sent Aina to the KTM station where she had to go back to serdang where her aunt will pick her there. Rizwan, Aleena, Bazy and me continued window shopping till Rizwan Decided its time for ICE CREAM haha i wanted BR, rizwan wanted McD, and so we went to McD. Aleena and Bazy tak reti makan McFlurry ngan kemas haha bersepah!

Around 10 plus or so, we decided to head back UM. TICKET BAS DAH TAKLEH PAKAI FOR THE WHOLE DAY LAGI DAH! Damn it. The more weirder thing is, pehal touch and go kat rapid KL dah takde ni? tah hape2 haha

As soon as we arrive UM, we went lepaking at the KK12 "FoodCourt" haha as aleena wanted to charge her phone with ma laptop. Moments later, they bought tom yam and two plates of plain rice haha I fooled them buy buying Kiwi Cincau drinks and they thought it was algae juice haha

Later on, Bazy's friend Nani came and escorted them to her room. I went back to my room and it became a movie theatre. Peter played "Taken" with his laptop. It was a nice movie

aaaaaaaaaah, such a great day today haha Tommorrow i mean today? haha i will be having buka puasa with my dad and sis, yay! haha, till then

oh oh oh
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