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Hmmmm its september 2nd already

By  Dominic Blaaque     18.06     
I cant take it off my head,
I keep thinking about it,
I cant wait to do it,

5 papers have passed, i almost missed my Calculus paper today as i slept right after physics hmmm
As soon as i woke up it was 2PM and the Calculus paper is at 2.30 pm haha
Thank goodness i have a neighbour like Muhammad, he came back to his room and heard my alarm clock gone off and i still havent woke up yet haha
*technically, he woke me up haha

About my sleeping probs, last week, i bought some firecrackers from the Ramadhan Bazar, then i lit one up and threw it into Muhammad's room, he got slightly upset about it, but we laughed la. But that wasnt the end. Later that day, it seemed that one of my firecrackers went missing, it wasnt a big deal though, i was tired after terawih and i slept around 10pm or so.

Later that night, Muhammad and some of my friends, Faris and Zarif, the tried to play a prank on me while i was asleep. Frankly, it didnt work. They even record the whole thing!

As i was sleeping like a baby on my bed, remember the missing firecracker? Muhammad Stole It!!!! haha And guess what, u've guessed it, they lit it up and put it quite near to the position of my ear and it went kaboom. But, i didnt woke up haha They laughed laughed and laughed, then in the video, it looked like i woke up, but i took my blanket, covered myself and continued sleeping haha IT WAS ALL ON VIDEO! haha i will upload it on utube later.

Okay, honestly, I CANT WAIT FOR RAYA! haha raya this year is quite meaningful as i am technically, more than 300km away from home haha just more than two weeks idzham, chill, chillll haha

Till then, Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan Al-Mubarak!

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