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Tommorrow is raya! haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     07.30     
Few days past was quite wild i say haha
Returning to college at more than 2 oclock in the morning for 2 consecutive nights haha
It all started on wednesday, where my sister had a flight to JB and she gave the car to me to send at my uncle's house later, therefore, the car was in KL for arond 3 days and it was all mine! muahahhaa

The adventure of the black proton Gen-2 started as soon as she gave it to me in Kelana Jaya, where she used the Lrt and Bus to get to the airport. As soo as she handed the keys, i was stuck in traffic jam haha, Rizwan was at Kelana Jaya too that time, so i picked him up. I was on the way to KLCC to have a buka puasa feast with my classmates at burger king.
i was caught in traffic jam twice, Kelana Jaya and Duta haih haha
I arrived burger king as soon as it was buka puasa, thanks to Farrah and Faiz for buying food for me and rizwan. After burger i met up with brahim and sera. They invited rizwan and me to join them for a movie , but we had to reject the offer as we had other plans.

Soon, i my classmates decided for a game of bowling at mid valley. The road was smooth all the way until Mid Valley. I wondered around in Mid Valley while waiting for my classmates arrive as the rode the KTM to Mid. I met up with Suraya, Nawwal, Nadzmie, Farahiyah, Epul, Azreen and etc haha. They were going to watch "The Orphan" that night. Suraya plead me to join them but i didnt want to watch a horror movie and i had bowling that night. We started bowling around 10.30PM. The place was packed with asasians. Rizwan didnt want to bowl haha

Soon after bowling finish, we all went back to college. but my story didnt end there. Farah and Nurul came with me by car to college, but on the way to the car park, i received an interesting phone call from Nadzmie. It was around 12AM, he said that the taxis charge rm25 just to go to UM, what a rip off, damn taxis haha So i was there to the rescue. I met up with them at the North Point taxi stand and planned two trips to fetch them, the first trip, only 6persons in the Gen-2. After dropping of them at KK12, the left lens of my specs came off haha so i drove with only the right lens! but i can still see though, because the left eye's sight was not so chronic. Then after fetching the others at mid, there were 7 of us haha gila penuh that car, we stopped by KFC to have sahur.

The next day after afternoon Lectures, Nadzmie and me decided to go to Sunway pyramid, Suzana Bono decided to join us. Jalan gila jam weh haha but we arrived there safely and with a parking spot. It was already 650pm and all the restaurants were full, except for a 1901 stall and a popiah stall haha so we ate there.

and here's a pic haha
haha it was bono's dare!
Our initial plan was to go ice skating, but then we decided to watch a movie instead, two movies haha the first movie was UP, gile emotional citer tu haha the 2nd movie was the ugly truth. Around 2am we headed back to KL. We stopped at Pelita nasi kandar in Bangsar for sahur. Bono ordered some kind of youghurt drink and dared me to drink it, rase pelik oh air tu haha then i ordered teh tiga lapis, honestly, its just normal tea haha with ice that is. We got back to UM around 3am.

2 consecutive nights of going back late. No wonder mom dont want me to have a car at this stage haha

and on friday, rite after sembahyang jumaat, i went to mid with Syazwan and Ebaq for 2 games of bowling, i sucked big time haha my hand was kinda injure though. After that we head back UM. I continued packing, then wish selamat hari raya to UM and headed for setiwangsa afterwards to send Rizwan.

I got lost while trying to find duke highway haha sampai ke ttdi, but eventually i found the way to Setiawangsa. Arrived at rizwan's around 630pm, his mom gave some kuih raya for me in case if i buka puasa in the car. And so i did as i continued my journey to my uncle's house in Klang to send the sweet gen-2 haha aaaaaaaahhh the memories :D

Arrived klang around 750PM. I was exhausted i tell ya. Pak Cik Amin took me to a mamak shop for a late berbuka. When we got back, i was headed for the bed haha. Around 43oam, we woke up then headed for the airport around 5. I get to drive the car! haha driving in the morning was fun, going at speeds around 140KPH on the freeway with distractions was dangerous and fun haha. Arrived LCCT around 6 plus, the airport was full, i could feel the raya aura haha.

At the airport, this was what i got to see hehe
An AT&T Williams F1 team Air Asia Plane!!!!

I couldnt resist the temptation and facing the humiliation like a little boy obsessed with sumting and taking my phone out just to take a pic of this, this rarely happens in life! haha When was the last time u saw sumtin like this? hehe

Arrived safely in JB around 930. I met up with an old friend while boarding the plane, it was Deqna, a friend i met back in form 3. She bought the same vaio as i did, but it was pink! haha

Till then, Selamat Hari Raya!

P.S. :Never forget to feed the fish each u drop by :D

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♥NwaL♥ mengatakan...

wow. what a great week u had ejam! haha anyway, thanx for the ride!should I say, again? haha =)

SUSU. mengatakan...

Hahaha, awesome shot of you and Nadzmie. Made for each other. xD

Thanks again for the ride!

And damn, you should've watched Orphan with us, dude. Screaming in the cinema was friggin' awesome! Hahahahaha...

saori mengatakan...

Lens came off? O.o

*tsk tsk* Ijam Ijam...