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Tick Tock

By  Dominic Blaaque     05.02    Label: 
A few days for raya,
haih, i heard many of pasum have already went back for raya,
but i'm going back on saturday haha *smiling with a slightly proud feeling* hahaha
Honestly, i cant wait for lectures on Friday,
Looking back to what Mr.Z said on monday during vector tutorials,
Lecture Vector Edisi "Salam Lebaran".
I wonder how many will show up, for sure i'm gonna take photos! hehe

What a day today, i still havent slept, this is due to not sleeping after lectures on monday, where i didnt had any Physics Lab from 10AM-1PM, sleeping time, but i woke up around 1.30PM haha
gila laaa, i think i will take a short nap after writing this blog.

I also cant wait for wednesday, my tutorial classmates are planning an outing together, i love those guys, i wont take a chance to not miss it. Tomorrow after IT class, right b4 Mr.Faris Forwarded Computer Science Lecture, My classmates and I are going to plan what were going to do on wednesday. I hope were going to BoWlInG! haha

It's already 5AM (malaysian time, my blog is set to indonesian) till then

Selamat Hari Raya!
*sorry for any typos

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