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Bende yang tiada disangka ada, oh tak mengapa!

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haha Greetings *while doing a nerd face and the star trek hand greeting sign thingy* haha
-Nerd In Training-(kesedaran lepas chem 1)

How was Chemistry 1 today?
the hardest paper of all papers, i cant believe i'm saying this, but i am, ORGANIC CHEM WAS WAAAAYYYY MUCH MORE EASIER haha

Mommy and Daddy, I dont regret entering UM, i love it here, i learned a lot and sem 2 is around the corner, wish me luck :D

And to my loved one, i love u, i'll do my best to get 4.00 for sem 2, therefore i could try to join you in UK one day :D

Please do support me! and ily!

And to all my other friends, i love u guys too, wish me luck!

I discover more and more about the meaning of life

and the meaning of PASUM, for now is, its not what u learn 5 minutes ago, its what u learn a second ago also matters,

haha it doesnt make sense

A quotation for life

U cant get all u want in life, but sometimes, u get what u need, such as a panda :P hehe

Now its 1245pm, i haven't ate anything yet, my room mate is a sleep, the last thing i drank was Radix Coffee, mai secawan? haha

haih, bila nak makan ni haha


its not about the last paper tomorrow, its about what's happening later after the paper :P

oh oh oh, saturday, home! haha HD GAMING!!!!!


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