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3 papers to go, wohooo, friday! haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     20.51     

Its typical for students writing a blog with that kind of post title in the middle of an exam season haha what a loser hahahaa oh well

and so after hardships and headaches of Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry 2, Computer Science and today's paper Physics, seemed to cool down the heat, but i have a bad feeling that the last three papers Vectors, Chemistry 1 and Physics 2, will be the 2nd wave of the reckoning of hell on earth haha

Finally i see some happier smiles today after the physics paper :D including myself i guess
oh well, 2nd sem i'll be a total nerd! wish me luck! i really2 need to work hard, JPA SCHOLS! UK here i come! haha A Panda understands what i mean hehe ILY! :P

Dont dwell with the past my fellow humans, the present and future has more meaning haha

I cant believe that i'm back home on Saturday! yeay!! haha Need For Speed Shift! here i come my beloved Playstation! haha for sure i'll become a panda myself eventually, as i'll be staying up late hogging the TV during the night, a sacrifice for HD Gaming hehe

But i am more excited towards the activities this friday, as most Asasians plan to go to Genting Highlands, i'll be going to Mid Valley and spend the night at the airporthehehehehehheheheheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee hahahahahahehehehehehahahahehaehha yay! haha
okay, ignore me on that part, thats just my expression of excitement :D

Good Luck to all Asasians and semua lah yg sedang belajar ke apa ke haha

Have fun safely!

January 2008 i look so young haha

October 2009


oh oh oh, studying trajectory by flying paper planes in the early morning of today was fun!!! haha slept at 530am for doin that haha

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