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Finals lalala haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     16.18     
Yesterday was a surprise, i woke up in the morning, and sumone called me and said that she's coming to KL all the way from the majestic land of Banting haha just to give me a treat.
Initially, i was suppose to go out with Mus and Ezzan but then, her parents came so tak jadi la. So i went out with Bazilah instead.

I arrived around 1.30pm (naik teksi hehe) she arrive an hour later.
During the wait, i sat in front of sony. Suddenly a girl sitting next to me said Hi, she asked me where i was from, after a short chat, she recognized my face and told me that we're from the same school b4, Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Taman University. Sadly, i had no idea who she was. The conclusion is, famous gak aku masa sekolah dulu haha. then she went off to watch a movie with her friends. A while after that, bazy arrived! yay! haha

And so we walked around and round Mid Valley then to Gardens while i'm thinking a place of where to eat (*it was bazy's treat) haha gosh we talk alot together haha then we ended up at Chilli's instead. It was my first time there haha thanks for the experience!

I think i refilled my drink 4 times kot? haha apple juice all the way! We finished eating around 5. Since it was still early, i decided that we should watch a movie, Final Destination 4. even though this movie was like ages ago, but its still there and i havent watched a thriller horror movie since the stone age, it was also in 3D! haha yay!

we got the best seats in the house, since everyone in KL probably watched this movie before. the theater was quite empty la. Verdict about the movie, Bazy laughed at the scary scenes because she was scared haha The movie was quite sick la, especially the intro. But i think the third one is way way way much more sicker and the sickest i guess. more people dead! haha but the death's in the 4th one was much more surprising

We got out of the theater around 7PM, we were supposed to buy aleena's subway sandwich but we forgot haha I accompanied her till the KTM station, then she went back to Kolej Mara Banting.

then i went back to my life, KK12 haha study study study!

today i'm going to play football, it has certainly been more than a year since the last time i've played football. i'm wearing my lucky plain Adidas jersey, wish me luck! haha

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