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1130 4/3/2010

By  Dominic Blaaque     11.38     
Currently i'm at the computer lab for computer science class,
this is my favourite class of all classes because the reason is quite obvious hmmm

I went on overdrive again last night, only had 2 hours of sleep!
My head hurts litterally haha
But last night was much productive than the overdrive session before,
i managed to finish half of engineering maths tutorial and science comp tutorial which both is due fir next week. Hoooo, a sigh of relief.Then i went to sleep around 530 haha

This morning's experience was a hmmmm i dont know how to describe it,
read along my fellow followers,
it was Probabilty lecture due at 8 o'clock and Puan Roha is the one teaching
I arrived at the entrace of the lecture hall exactly 8 o'clock after running all the way from my room,
Dissapointment awaits, the door was already locked, i decided to go to the cafe for some breakfast instead,
Around 850am, i went back to the lecture hall for Chem 4 class,
2nd dissapointment, i couldnt understand a thing haha oh well.

3rd Dissapointment, i copied the wrong C++ codes for T11 Q2, the vector ones, therefore, i had to start it all from scratch, yeay!

Ya Allah, please give me strength to endure all your punishments

Hopefully, this afternoon would have better luck for me.Right now i feel helpless and sleepy but with no desire to sleep, the sentence just now doesnt make any sense :D

I need to go off now, Science Comp Test is about to start

bye2 :P

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