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Its 530 Am oh yeah!

By  Dominic Blaaque     05.38     
Didnt sleep all night because i've already slept in the afternoon hmmmm
Feels slightly weird but aware i guess, Zharif calls the weird feeling, Overdrive.
He claims that when we "Overdrive" ourselves, we are able to increase the function of our brain, because some parts of the brain are working hard because we didnt sleep, so it stays there? i dont really get this either haha
Doctors out there! Bazilah, Star, any explanations?

Currently finished tutorial 12 q 1 for computer science, whoever wants to copy or might want some explanation, u are welcome to room B733 :D

Right now, as i initially planned, is to finish of physics, which topic is, MODERN PHYSICS, Lecturer Abu Hassan, unfortunately, his teachings and in the book are not the same and rite now i cant find the lecture notes for his lecture, which i saw the day before yesterday hmmm.....

Gosh, exam is just in a month, i kinda enjoy overdriving myself :D
wish me luck!

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