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Alice In Wonderland Wasn't Really That good

By  Dominic Blaaque     14.28     
Yesterday I went out with my sis to cathay cineplexes damansara ALICE IN WONDERLAND 3D i think it has been ages since i've watched a movie. The last movie i've watched was Sherlock Holmes and it was the first screening in Malaysia. The good old days :D

Alice In Wonderland hmmmmmm
I wouldnt say its a good movie, but i wouldnt say it would be bad, i just hate the red queen big time, suckiest fictional character ever! I hated her since the first movie. Anne Hathaway Looks HOT! haha

Final Exam i would say just a lil bit over 3 weeks and i am having a bad state of mind. I hope everything will turn out fine when i admit into unversity. I am not really feeling well, mentally. I think i need a swim or a walk or anything. 

Thankfully, there are no labs next week, but tutorials are still on...

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