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What to do, go to pudu and sell putu

By  Dominic Blaaque     05.30     
Famous words from Mr.Govindan haha.
What to do, go to Pudu and sell Putu!

what a depressing monday today, just finished reading Suraya's blog,
let just say that something similar happened to me but it happened to me during physics lab :D
For two semesters, i have to say that physics lab is heartbreaking, imagine if u have 3 physics teachers,
and three of them say different things and u get lost and dont know who to follow, leaves just getting angrier and angrier for the future labs to come.

Today, i kinda lost myself, honestly, i nearly lost myself three weeks ago haha, but today partially? hehe XD
Electrophotoelectronmegatronoptimusprimedecepticon thingy experiment.

1st demo ckp mcm ni
2nd demo ckp mcm tu
3rd entahla

i didnt mind repeating the experiment, what bugged me the most was that, why the hell they didint tell the right thing earlier? tahu tak membawa manusia ke arah kejahilan itu DOSA!  I got angry started swearing and mumbled to myself, and she kinda overheard. Sorry for that.

But consider this situation,
Religion for an example,there's Imam A,Imam B and Imam C.
Ur following Imam A for quite some time, but then suddenly Imam B came saying that A was wrong then Imam C just came up with his way not knowing whether A and B was right or wrong.
Would u be angry? Imagine if this happens over and over again.

Every monday in physics class i always have high hopes of doing Physics experiment myself and getting results independently and understand every single damn thing about it. Isnt that why we do experiments, application and understanding?

I am not the kind of person who just sit blur, quietly and copy others while actually having opportunity to discover it myself. Do u understand why i'm bugged?
A very depressing monday.

I finished class at 6pm, lied down on the bed and slept for 6 hours straight, the next thing i knew was that its already 12am. I was hungry. Thank goodness my floormates, Haiqal and Jijoe decided to bring me to KFC PJ 24hr!!! these guys are like brothers, THANKS!

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