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By  Dominic Blaaque     19.49     
Semalam my lil bro ( i have a lil bro? haha of course i do, but not biological one lah)
Azhar aka Wing (pengerusi BKC) gave me a call
he said he cant wait to meet us again at school and he wants me to buy him the latest edition of top gear haha, he gave me the november issue of top gear last year as a present, thank u AZHAR!
then i was on the phone with G-TO then with G-Garm
they all said semua senior tahun ni baik giler. I believe them, because juniors2 tahun lepas baik-baik semua.
GGarm told me the first boy of aspura who left school was from budi 4 haha
They have 7 Juniors now and only 3 seniors at dorm and the other 2 seniors sleep at BGP now, P-Ro and Nemo
Gosh, i cant wait to see them! i hope the results goes out on 12th if not, i hope i get good results for my spm, so that i could meet them during HK! haha
oh, Azhar said he received others to decorate the hall for 12th of March 2009, coz he said the results will be out on 12th of March
k lah, itu saje, Citer avatar kat OKTO dah habis :((
but kejap lagi ada citer Hannah Montana, THE ROCK BERLAKON DALAM EPISODE JAP LAGI!!! haha

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