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Wrath of the 'Leech King'

By  Dominic Blaaque     21.17     
Okayh, i didnt get a Mara interview........ :((
so here's the next plan
since i'm not going to get on a plane to go overseas within the few years
i've decided to actually be an Airplane Maintainence Engineer

Malaysian Institute Of Aviation Technology
Diploma Then Degreee hehe

beri laluan utk saya grad dulu ya! haha
Have fun overseas!!!(kpd sesiapa yg dapat interview)

A few days ago i went to Pesta Konvo UTM ke berapa entah at Padang Kawad UTM
so i passed by all of the booths, honestly, not much interesting things
except for one booth, Berbekam Mengunakkan Lintah
They had discounts for Students, 2 Leeches for Rm15? why not?
So i decided to give it a try while waiting for my mom shopping!

one little baby dracula the cheek and one little baby dracula on the forehead

The one on the cheek is for Acne
The one on the forehead is for Headaches

The not so dramatic face with 2 bloodsucking leeches on my face haha

As kids and lots of people were passing by, when they stared at me, i purposely did a dramatic face as if count dracula was sucking on my blood (much more dramatic than the pic, mcm citer Twilight hahaha)
plus, WITH SOUND EFFECTS haha iwent argh argh argh!!! haha
And the passer-by's went, erggh haha, kids got a spook haha
Honestly, it doesnt feel anything, just feel like ants walking on your body.
I didnt find it disgusting because i couldnt see it, it was on my face.
But i find it disgusting when it was Full. Dah kenyang dikatakan. It got tripled its original size(or maybe more) and it fell of haha, i got quite of a shock when it fell of haha, its just disgusting looking ant fat leeches moving around on ur trousers or anywhere it fell off,
i was like Kak, cepat amik kak, dia gerak2 hahaa
But as i said it before, it didnt felt disgusting at all when its on my face,
it felt quite calming, who knows haha
after the leech fell off, blood didnt not stop flowing from where it bit.
The akak put on some bandage thingy and tape it on to where the leeches bit
The akak said, sampai esok pagi kena pakai.
Okeh, so i went home and walked to the car with some bandages thingy on my face haha
When i went home, one of the bandage thing fell off after i took a nap,
my gosh, blood was still flowing in quite a surprising amount for a small bite haha
one heck of a bloodsucking leech haha.
My right cheek was partially covered with blood, literally! i aint kidding
So i took some tissue paper and tape it on to my face ( i used stationary tape)
good thing there wasnt any facial hair on that part haha
The results, i feel much much more calm... hmmmm my skin feel slightly smoother hmmmm haha
was it the leeches? haha oh well, it was a fun experience
and hell yeah, i am going to try it again!!!!!

Blood sucking Baby draculas on my face haha lawa tak rambut i??? hahaha

Oh do you want to know what happens to the leeches after they suck blood?
they will be burned, RIP Baby Dracula
I mean literally, BURNED!!!! (its for healthy and hygenic reasons)
For those who are going to pursue in medic, after u guyz graduate,
y not make a bloodsucking leech business for extra money? haha its good for health!

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Kiterniya mengatakan...

Whaaaaaaaaat?? They get burned??? Poor little thingies :(

naderk mengatakan...

lintah hahaaa

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ikyn adzmi mengatakan...

Idzham's cuter than meh aahahahhhaa