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Home Alone Malaysia anyone?

By  Dominic Blaaque     22.28     
Tomorrow will be one of the biggest challenges in my life where as i'll be at home for two whole days, while the rest of the family are going to indonesia sheeet
Mom and lil sis going to batam for two days
Dad and Big sis going to a university trip starting tomorrow until friday to bandung
where as, i will be at home, totally alone..... haih.....

I was planning to go to the cinemas with some friends to watch a movie at Jusco Tebrau City
but semua bz, 3 org je nak pegi walaupun aku drive dan minyak free and keter automatic haih... (pasrah spm kot diorang nih haha, haih......)
last2 semua tanak gi sebab sikit sgt
and tommorrow will be the first time i'll be at home totally alone overnight

gosh i sound desperate haha

i think i should buy all the seasons of prison break or desperate housewives or anything on dvd and watch it, alone............

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