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Doomsday is on the 12th of March haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     20.50     
today i went of for a drive with Naderk, Zaty, Pipaa and Hasif
First i went out to fetch Naderk at her house
then to Zaty's to fetch Zaty
then to Pipaa's to fetch Pipaa
coz hasif wasnt ready haha
then we went to hasif's
and here he is (first time keluar pakai roundneck haha)

Then we actually dont know where to go haha
so we went to kenny rogers at angsana

Semua tak tau nak order apa haha
The food was expensive though haha (we didnt eat there!)
when the waitress came to us to take our orders
we told her to give us another 5 minutes
and so we put the 5 minutes to good use! for humanity!
haha escape!!! we ran out of kenny rogers
because we decided not to eat there, it was too expensive haha
And so we continued our journey to have lunch at Singgah Selalu instead
food was way much more cheaper there haha

Jelly..........yum haha

Inilah kereta kami haha P is for professional haha

After lunch, we had no idea where to go
so i just drove anywhere and got lost for a while haha
nearly masuk stulang. But then we decided to go to Aeon Tebrau City
to watch a movie

First nak tgk street fighter, but seat tak best haha so we watched Marley and Me
movie itu 2 jam haha sejuk giler woo
It was a good movie though, i nearly broke into tears, Marley mati!!!!
And today, the first time in my life, i drove my dad's car on the highway haha
honestly, driving on the highway is easier than driving on normal roads haha

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