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By  Dominic Blaaque     19.46     
Monday-16th Of March 2009

Around 7Am
I watched the whole family start their journey to indonesia without me........ :((

Few hours later, begging to people to follow me to watch a movie haha all were busy
but then Ismail Azzry said that he's not busy, so he's willing to follow
Around 2pm
After fetching Azzry, i booked tickets for watchmen for Jusco Tebrau City
Then, i drove to Jusco Bukit Indah to have lunch with Azzry,
We called Sheikh to join us as he did.
I asked him whether they want to have a sleepover at my house as my family are not at home,
they both agreed.
We met Haziq (bekham) later on at secret recipeat he worked there.

Around 3pm
After having lunch at secret recipe, Azzry and me continued our journey to Jusco Tebrau City
to watch Watchmen
Its a cool movie, but if ur hoping to be full of non stop action, this isnt the kind of movie, but for the mature type of movie watcher, this will be a good movie for u

Around 6pm
Azzry invited me to crash at his house for dinner
so we went to his house, his mom bought Pizza for us, THANK U Azzry!!

Around 9PM

We went to fetche Sheikh at bukit indah, but we made a pit stop to a computer shop in taman U.
Then we continued our journey to Bukit Indah
Azzry just slept in the car haha

Around 10Pm
We arrived at bukit indah, Sheikh said his shift finishes at 11Pm
so we waited and waited and waited at the playground using Kenny Roger's Wifi on PSP haha

While waiting for Sheikh........haha

Around 11.30 PM
Fetched Sheikh as his house, found out that my old house was very near to his house haha
Start the journey back home

Around 1150pm,
we went to stop at a DVD shop haha
but bought nothing.

Around 12am
we just lepak and played games and ate lots of bread talk stuff, thanks Sheikh!! haha

Tuesday 17th of March 2009

Around 11AM
Just woke up haha
Azzry cleaned up quickly and his sister fetched him at my house.

Around 12pm
We went to Faiz's House to fetch him
We decided to go to Jusco Tebrau to watch a movie and for lunch
We watched Race to Witch Mountain, citer nih tak best!!!! haha
After that we went to Tesco Tebrau
Then we went to Kip Mart
makan and minum

Around 6PM
i sent Faiz home
then i went to jusco to buy UPAX hehe (nak jimat duit)
then i went home for a while

Around 7.50PM
I started my journey to Stulang Jetty to fetch my mom and my lil sis
she went to batam and now on the way back to malaysia
I parked right at SIN CITY of JB, they call it "Fun Zon", penuh ngan night clubs and bars haha
nasib baik weekdays, kosonglah tmpt itu
dan sampai juga my mom and my lil sis to the car haha
i drove back, we went to a restaurant and ate and balik rumah.

Wednesday 18th of March 2009

i woke up late again haha
few moments later, Faiz called ajak gi cs ada small reunion
so mandi manda, makan, i drove to CS
gi sana lepak2, gi kedai mamak and WAYANG PENUH GILA BABI
penuh dak sekolah kat CS haha
ternampak Pipaa Nad Huda and Mehton tgh lintas jalan,
i dont know diorang perasan ke tak i lambai haha
then lepas lepak mamak, kitorang tak jd tgk wayang, sebab penuh yg teramat, kitorang gi tebrau utk tgk wayang,
semua yg bawak keter, masing2 kumpul kat danga bay,
casto tekan munyak utk melaungkan bunyi ekzos keter dia yg sedap
tetibe masa dia tukar gear, bunyi kreeek haha
so we drove to jusco, wat lumba haram versi lesen P( tak langgar speed limit),
aku menang haha
biler sampai jusco tebrau kami nak booking ticket utk dragonball,
but then, jusco tebrau ticket wayang abis haha
tak jadilaa tgk wayang, kitorang main game, makan lagi
then balik
masa balik i drove Chuteh home, then sent Aisam to Larkin, sent Stompel home, then drop by Mkay's house for a while, then sent Totoi home, then sent Jojo home
then i drove home... finally home... haha
after three adveturous days of outings and driving, home!!! hahaha

thats my life for the past three days

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