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Lets do a Recap

By  Dominic Blaaque     20.44     
Holidays, we all have em, we all look forward to them, we all plan everything about them, but at the end of it, most of us will go, where the hell did my holiday went!haha

As you all might expect, it occurred to me as well, i've wasted my holidays for sure! planning, planning and planning, doest get you anywhere if dont do it, so why not skip plans, and do something for nothing haha

Common Holiday Diseases
1-Waking Up Late
2-Not doing anything the whole day and realized at the end of the day, u did nothing
3-Sleeping late due to unproductive social networking
4-Breaking or Heartbroken due to "cancelled" plans
5-Feels like slapping self at the end of the holiday haha

Well here's the annual, CHINESE NEW YEAR HOLIDAY RECAP! eh, i think i did wrote about this in a blog post before haha

Today, i've finally got out of the house and went somewhere far, TAMPOI! WOOOHOOO! went to the famous siput sedut warung (*i didnt ate any siput), afterwards drop by kip mart to buy my lecturer's stuff, he asked me to buy him otak2 JB and so i did :D two packets of otak2 for you Mr Rahman! i'll bring it to class on monday.

Oh oh oh, I WROTE A C PROGRAM FOR A SUPERMARKET! haha not exactly a supermarket, just someone's C Programming assignment for her foundation studies and i am making money out of it :D and i learn at the same time too! so to who is having prob on C programming just call me at hmmm just add me on facebook or send me a message ;D

So the conclusion is, this holiday was just neutral....... oh i havent even touched my playstation, due to my sisters keep watching TV!!!!!!! haih.... i miss killing people by surprise on assassin's creed brotherhood

and now i think 9/10 people that knows me says that i'm fat, dammit haha i am in a bad state of economy, i think its the right time for me to take advantage and do less eating + save money at the same time :D

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