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The Curse of 0.01

By  Dominic Blaaque     18.25     
Ever felt down with your CGPA's? as long as they are genuine dont feel so down, i'm about to tell you the story of the curse of 0.01. I got this story from my Computer Programming Lecturer :D

The curse of 0.01, there was a boy, lets name him Alpha. Alpha was quite of a cheater and was good at it. One day it was his last final examinations and it was his last chance of cheating. So he did cheat. Just because of that paper, it caused his overall pointer to rise by 0.01. Later on he graduated and got a job interview. During the interview, there were only two candidates, it was alpha and the other guy, beta. Beta had a lower cgpa compared to alpha, but beta never cheated in his life. Only one job position was available and guess what, the company didnt cared about charisma or all the other bullshit, they've only wanted cgpas, so ALPHA GOT THE JOB! poor beta.

After years of working, apha became very rich, he got married with his salary, bought a big house, big cars and harleys, bought food, he even gave his parents money to perform the hajj. So where's the curse? i am not going to tell any, but can u imagine that from 0.01 extra cgpa, got him a good job and gave him good money. But look at all the thing he did with the money and look back at the source, 0.01 CGPA . The curse is spreading like MLM haha

Just think about it :D

to my fellow blog readers, think about every single thing that you do AND DONT CHEAT!

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