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By  Dominic Blaaque     23.39     
Okayh, as the title says, 1 year reign finally broken, you guys must be wondering, what reign?
Over a period of one year, i stopped doing any physical activities, and any i mean, NOTHING AT ALL!!! haha during the chinese new year break, i thought that i could start to play golf again. So, i brought my golf clubs from johor all the way to shah alam.

And today my class finished at 4 after my akward speaking in chinese presentation in TITAS class.I searched the net for some nice driving ranges available around shah alam on google, and there i've found Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah(KGSAAS). I started my journey to KGSAAS right after asar prayers. The golf club was situated right next to the shah alam extreme park.

As i arrived to park my car at the club house, i had the biggest shock of my life, big as in REALLY! BIG! i hope the following pictures explains everything(even though i will write about it later on haha)


Still cant recognize it?, i'll give you a closer pic

Oh yes, believe your eyes, ITS A FORD MUSTANG GT!!! IN MALAYSIA!!!!! HAHAHHA

Ya still dont believe me that its malaysian? Look at the plate number, WRQ 80! ITS ALSO LEFT HAND DRIVE!!!! HAHAHA

Sorry that i couldnt get a good pic of the car, there were guards around haha After going gaga over the cars, i went to the driving range to sharpen my golfing skills, iron shots were superb, but driving still needs more work on to it. Here's a view of subang jaya from the driving range
 You can actually see fireflyz planes taking off from subang airport here :D

A 100 balls later, my hands were tired, i gain a splinter at the same spot where i always get it, i decided to go back home... On the way out, i tried to do some more spy shots of the same car since it was still there

"The Americans have come"

and so i hope i will continue to exercise more and more in order to lose weight and get back in good shape, whoever wants to join me at the driving range are welcome, just contact me :D

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the guy was stayin nearby my house. at Puchong.
own a silvia, 350z, porsche cayenne, 2 mustang, a wagon volvo, swift and a superbike. :) used to own m3 e36 but crash it on hway. theres more but cant remember what car.