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Yes, i watched another James Cameron movie

By  Dominic Blaaque     15.44     
Yesterday i went out to Mid Valley in the middle of the night to catch a movie. I was having some stress symptoms for the past week, so i decided to lay off some gas. Initially i wanted to watch saya number 4, but then tickets were full, and sanctum was the only ok ok movie left and it was from james cameron :D haha

Damn australian accents can give u a bit of a headache sometime. I would personally say that sanctum is like real life version of saw haha a bit la here and there. The action were good, the drama was very good, but in the end, its just a movie of entering a cave and exiting a cave.If i watched the movie in 3D, maybe it had more feel to it, it will be like, ooh, i'm in a cave! haha

i would give it 3.5 stars :D

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