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While waiting for top gear to download

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.20     
Kinda miss shah alam due to the new 5MBPS INTERNET CONNECTION HAHA!
okeh, i've just arrived home today, drove all the way from selangor to JB, weather updates, drizzle, rain, rain, rain, flood, rain and more rain. lets just skip that part.

My holiday started on thursday afternoon :D the first form of entertainment was that i went to watch green hornet in 3D! funny funny movie, good job jay chau! another asian besides jackie chan, bruce lee, jet li and hmmm they all have something in common dont they? haha thats our identity i guess, KICKING ASS! how about a movie featuring silat in the future perhaps? merantau warrior was hmm okay? but sucky story-line though haha

the next day, as usual, we will wake up late, after solat jumaat, went out to a few rounds of bowling at Ole2 bowling in sec 16 shah alam (warming up practice for the tournament coming up on the 15th!)

Then on saturday hmmm havent done much actually, lets skip to sunday, went to this blogger gathering thingy with Faiz @ Budu. Met many bloggers which i have no idea of who they are haha not really what i was expecting, it seems that money seems to be the big issue, and one quote kinda gives a bit of a buzz

"Blogging will  wipe out journalism in a few years?",

please dont do that, i wont be able to read Top Gear if that happened for real haha
and the other issues hmmm still on to money, how to make money out of blogging, how to get investors@advertisers attention on blogging, so that you will make money haha kinda feels like some MLM talk thingy.

I think i'll just stick to personal blog, if i want to make money, why not a company website instead :D
oooh ooh oooh, I TOOK A PIC WITH HELIZA HELMI!!! HAHA will update photos soon :D

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