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Hello twelve, hello thirteen and hello love

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.37     
*aku dah lama tak post bende2 jiwang, maaf ye haha :D

Vhat is love?

There was one quote that kinda disturbed my mind, it required much thinking to understand it, i guess you guys might have heard of it before, here it goes

"The true meaning of love is to let go"

There are many aspects that we can relate to this quote,

I predict that the first question that might pop up in your minds is "let go of what asshole?!"

In my point of view that no matter how much we love that person, but we have to let them go if we have to and let them be happy in there own way. That's the beauty of life, we are beautiful in our own way.

Damn i miss my old hair haha

And if you are the kind of person that listens to a variety of songs, (*especially english) there are some songs that emphasizes on this quote,you are in for a surprise, in one of my favourite songs of all time is Bruno Mars Glee Cover of "Marry You".

There was a part in the song that said

"....If we wake up and we wanna break up,
 thats cool,
no i wont blame you ooooh,
It was fuuuuun girl!......"

what was fun? haha

I think what Bruno Mars was trying to say that he enjoyed time with his companion and he is willing to let her go if they want to break up and still be happy :D
(*i'm not sure whether he wrote the song)

And for University students that have passed adolesence and now in the post adolescence zone, most of them are starting to search for a life parnter, let me repeat myself, LIFE PARTNER.
The trend is for malaysian students, most of the couples in University ended up marrying after graduation, weird eh? I have a sister that had just graduated for a year plus, and wedding cards hmmm, one after another, it just never stops coming. Her longtime schoolfriend is getting married next week :D

okayh, sambung balik, Are these boys having an early mid life crisis to search for humans of the opposite sex or is this just human nature? Temptations of the heart can play cruel games on oneself.

*"An early mid life crisis might lead to an early death"-Sue Sylvester

Do u ever feel like a plastic bag? haha today i watched katy perry's fireworks in HD 1080P on youtube, the fireworks coming out of humans upper body looks amazing in HD haha!
Therefore, the conclusion is, i think i just have to focus on whats best for me right now.Love? hmm not yet, the best thing for me is one of the hardest things to do by humans these days (blame the internet) which is FOCUS. I must FOCUS on the RIGHT THINGS! Focus Untuk Capai Kejayaan haha

"No Sacrifice, No Success"
-from the guy that discovered megatron-Archibald Witwicky

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