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Being cheap makes u grumpy!

By  Dominic Blaaque     20.53     
Honestly, being cheap makes me unhappy,
being a reckless spender once a while, is very happy indeed haha

As usual, one thing that we learn as a student, is how to save money.
And for dinner today, my attempt in saving money (being cheap) wasnt successful at all

For people around shah alam, the cheapest  complete dinner meal u can get for under rm5 (which includes lauk, nasi and drinks) is at the "Medan Selera" around seksyen 7 flats.

And so for today, i ordered nasi putih and lauk paprik, my other two friends ordered the same thing, in the end, we didnt eat at all. After an hour of food hiatus, i put some money in the empty cups (yes, to the level of drinks being drunk), and went away........suprisingly, it wasnt peak hour and it was the second time this situation happened to me, same shop, same waiter. FUCK U WAITER! haha

The moral of the story is, even though the economy is a bit tight, reckless spending, can give u the true meaning of happiness!

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