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Tests Tests and more Tests

By  Dominic Blaaque     11.05     
Last week was fluid mechanics test, i think i did okay and recently this week was Thermodynamics, i think i did slightly less better haha anyway, i just hope i ace those subjects for my finals, for u dad! haha

Next week i am having test Material Science and Tamadun Islam Tamadun Asia, the two least fascinating subjects, material science is dead hard and Tamadun Islam Tamadun Asia, well hmm its history in general actually.

I cant believe that i'm already half way through second semester yikes! need to start consistent study. Anyhow, i did not achieve what i was craving for yesterday D: takpe2, next time!

Today is a wet friday morning, i woke up quite late even though i slept early, 9 hours haha maybe due to replace the few hours left out the day before. Luckily, i have no class on friday, a personal public holiday :D and now i am starting to get really2 hungry, i think i wanna cook some eggs

anyone who wants to join Shebby and Me for a study group discussion on fluid mechanics, just contact me, i'll be around the faculty and 3 or 4 onwards :D

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