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By  Dominic Blaaque     01.37     
Today was the last first test for this month, upcoming test 30th of March if i'm not mistaken, Fluid Mechanics.

The paper today, was the least favourite subject of them all , Materials Science, but somehow i kinda like this subject after really2 trying to understand it. :D

Overall, the test was okayh, all that expected came out fortunately and it was a fully objective paper :D wish me luck!

I kinda made a slight mistake, not during the test but after, i decided to leave the test 10 minutes early coz i really didnt want to get paranoid with my paper haha but that wasnt the mistake, the mistake was that, as i walked out, a few of my friends started discussing about a few questions that kinda caused a bit of a spur.. We discussed in front of the door, as doors opened and closed, our voices were heard, then arif came out and said "Dr Koay told you guys to keep quiet" heheheheee :D

Sorry Dr Koay! we are enthusiastic students! hehe :D

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