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By  Dominic Blaaque     22.50     
UKM dudes having dinners here and there, for me, i'm having my dinner too hehehe MECHANICAL ENGINEERING NITE! it is an open event, but some dudes are INVITED to the event and....

drum roll please...............


okeh2, abit jakun there, never really got invited to a big dinner before haha

It has my name on it, it has my name on it!!! HAHAHAHAHA

the big question is now, where can i find a cheap good looking business tux?

And for tomorrow i will be visiting the faculty of tourism and culinary arts. I will be attending a mock restaurant lunch thingy and yes i've made reservation (they are that serious when it comes to practical!) haha My friend Aqilah who is studying there invited me to come to their mock restaurant thingy since the opening of this sem! haha and finally, my time has come to pay my deeds :D she will not be cooking tomorrow but she will be one of the waitress (*opportunity for me to bully some people haha) The food is quite cheap actually, imagine STEAK FOR RM7 ONLI!!! haha so my fellow blog readers and followers, if you are interested to attend the mock restaurant thingy, please contact me :D they ope their doors for dinner on monday , 8pm onwards and for lunch is on wednesday, 1230pm till 230pm. Cheap expensive food :D RESERVATIONS MUST BE MADE, LIMITED TO 20 CUSTOMERS PER SESSION!

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