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Social Networking After Class, exams and 4 months hols!

By  Dominic Blaaque     10.52     
Class finished early today and i will continue class at 4pm for Thermodynamics.

The human nature for students is, get back home/room/dorm or whatsoever, top priority is go online on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter and then go brag about it, then hope for anyone to be jealous/like/comment or  haha

Okayh, recently i got my hair cut and i stopped my mohawk trend that i've been keeping since before Ramadhan 2010. There are very good reasons why i stopped mohawking my hair and i've also decided not to have patterns at the side of my head anymore (i've only did it once, it felt good and stupid at the same time, i wonder why haha)

Inital Raya 2010 Mohawk

January 2011-Transition to Vempit Style Mohawk with patterns

Current-Nerdy engineering dude spiky messy haircut

My final exams are starting at the END OF APRIL, which is about less than a month and a half, study week is well hmm not even a week, 4 days, yes only 4 days :( i had two weeks of study week last year (an extra week because exams for the subjects i took started a bit late, it finished early though :D)

I better start Istiqamah hmmm NOW!

We all know that the government is giving us 4 months of holiday due to the transition of trying to internationalize the schedule so that they could pull in more foreign students in hope for the better.

Honest in my point of view (jeremy clarkson style)

It is a really2 bad idea bringing in more foreign students. I have to be really2 honest in this one, FOREIGN STUDENTS ARE A PAIN IN THE ASS, not in a physical way or what so ever..... I know its sometimes a bit cool to have foreigner friends and getting to know them in everything, they sometimes can be really smart, but most of them are lazy (worst than malays).Lets move on to Communication. If i'm not mistaken, i heard something about that communication shouldnt be a barrier in uniting whatsoever stuff, hmmmm does it ring a bell? well the fact is, IT IS A BARRIER YOU......... okayh, i dont want to swear in those dots haha I made myself a vow to never ever have foreigners in my group assignments or whatsoever, i'm not being racist or anything, its just that hmmm you'll understand when you try having a foreigner in your group assignments haha :D

Last week my Fluid Mechanics lecturer asked the class, Where are those two arabian dudes? ( one is from sudan and the other is from saudi arabia, lets just called them arabians). I told the lecturer that those dudes dropped the subject.

Brace for a surprise, my lecturer responded, baguslah macam tu, takde siapa nak susahkan saya. ( i was like, HELL YEAH!) haha. He also noted that from his past history these arabian foreign people are lazy because that their parents told them to study , not because they want to.

Think again government, think again................. Back in pasum, my vector lecturer told everyone that, Pasum used to take in foreign students.If i'm not mistaken, he said that there were five of them, and only 1 survived to pass and currently taking computer science and on a scholarship of RM6K per month! WTF!

and so my fellow blog readers, you get the picture now, and remember, I AM NOT RACIST! I'M STUDYING IN A UNIVERSITY WITH NO RACISM PROBLEM AT ALL! HAHAHAHA

And so most of us gov students will have 4 months of holiday, most of you are eagerly planning and saving money to go places and stuff. For me, i've decided to actually take short semester. I'm taking Further calculus for engineers! i kinda miss math, not studying maths for a few months kinda makes me dumb haha well , a bit hehehe :D

So i will be left around 2 months and 3 weeks of holiday (that is a long long time)
Better start saving money for video games!

or i might even take a job as a teacher, teaching either physics or maths or maybe even add maths

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guess who!? mengatakan...

kau mesti rasa kau hensem dalam gambar baru tu kan???
sebab tu letak dua kali. kan kan?

Dominic Blaaque mengatakan...

not really, if i wanted to do that, i'll post other pics haha double picture was an accident actually, the blogger pic uploader thingy was confusing, i didnt realised it till the post was live haha so i just left it there

Anonim mengatakan...

honestly dude, it's such a waste to take further calculus for intersession, because it's an easy subject. wasted that rm200. shud have taken subjects with higher credit hour. anyway, nice blog.

- am someone who has taken further calculus :P