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Time and Time

By  Dominic Blaaque     02.54     
University is weird, very weird indeed, they only give you 4 months to cramp everything into your head and then exams, and then thats just it. But the weird thing is, they tell you to do koko and other side projects.

For me, i did none haha 

Frankly speaking, its not that i dont want to enter or anything, its just that, i dont have time at all, i dont have time for anything actually, i've been pushing myself to squeeze out every second that i got. Guess what, exams are in a month and a half for exams. I tried to give myself a head start on studying, wasnt so good though, cant focus much, too much stuff such as assignments and other things must be prioritize and must be done.

how do people in love invest time for their love ones haha 

But when i look back at today, i was wasting quite a few hours, i had an hour of sleep after class, woke up 5 sumting, then i didnt do anything productive, a bit stressed out and i get emotional haha Then came dinner time, i didnt feel dining in for anything, so i've decided to try the mcdonalds double fillet o fish by drive thru, Time saved there. Somehow, i still wasnt happy with myself, i did start studying and doing work by 8 plus, though i felt not alive or somesort. Eventually, i decided to download a movie. I downloaded the latest jackass movie, Jackass 3!   Its really2 sick and its the best laugh you will ever get if u ask me, i got happier afterwards, by 215am, i am done with all my work. So i decided to write a post before i go to sleep.

I just dont know how can i cope with everything right now, please give me strength...

Currently i am on a sleeping restraining order, i will not sleep more than 5 hours. I hope it will work haha and hooray! my parents are coming this week :D

Recently, the storms were like the libyan government, i had class at 4 yesterday and it was cold, as in really cold, so give a try wearing the jacket that i rarely wear and here's a pic :D

I am getting skinny again :D

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