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Golden Screen Cinemas, not so golden eh? haha

By  Dominic Blaaque     22.50     

Today i went to Alamandak Putrajaya. I was hanging out with ikyn then i got broke because i ride the train to putrajaya instead, comfortable and fast! haha and also expensive.
Nasib baik ikyn belanja SUSHI!!! haha THANKS IKYN!!!

Creepy ERL pic haha (its a reflection actually)
First, we were stalking Aleena at work, she works at Kenny Rogers Alamandah

A pic from the escalator, Aleena in action!


Aleena trying to cover her face haha

Aleena, back to work

Then Ikyn and me went to Sushi King

After sushi, we went for a movie which we bought tickets earlier, it was ong bak 2
the movie was rated 18, that means i can watch it rite? think again
when we were about to enter the theatre tetibe diorang mintak ic, wtf? asal tetibe mintak ic
then dia tgk ic, dia tak kasi masuk haha
bodo tol, asal tak mintak masa nak beli? nampak sgt nak songlap duit orang
haha then manager dtg, after that, jumpe lagi satu manager, this one was nicer, then jumpa manager ke-3, this was on heck of a mean manager(it was a woman haha) then debate di depan khalayak ramai haha, i got my money back though haha so then we went jalan2 and took pics haha we even gave naderk a call and told the ticket story haha she thought me and ikyn gaduh hahahaha

Then Aleena was on break from work,so we joined her

Tgk muke ikin kat gambar ni hahaha
Then on the way back, i saw a friend of mine from far far away, i couldnt confirm it was him, so i sent a message, when i was back to my hotel room, he replied my message, it was him haha
so i went back to klCC and meet up with him.

Zaim ngan kazen dia haha

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