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Sleepy Land

By  Dominic Blaaque     22.59     
Time is running a bit fast recently,
i'm sleeping too much and the thing i hate the most in the world is sleep
i could go around 17 hours per day
I feel like yesterday was monday but its not, its already thursday haha
At monday i slept at 4pm plus and woke up on tuesday at around 12am plus
On tuesday i slept at 3am plus and woke up at 750am
On tuesday i slept at 8pm plus woke up on wednesday at 3am and slept back and woke up around
entahlah 5am plus kot haha
on wednesday i slept at 3 plus until night i forgot when.........
and today Thursday, i slept at 8am until 3 pm and slept again at 6.30pm until 10pm haih
lets add it up
8 hours
4 hours 50 minutes
7 hours
3 hours (approx)
8 hours (approx)
7 hours
3 hours 30 minutes
total hours of sleeping = 40 hours 20 minutes wow haha
that is equal to 1 day 16 hours and 20 mintues

lets see how long i've been awake
4 days= 4 x 24 = 96 hours

96hours - 40 hours 20 minutes=55hours and 40 minutes haha

anyone having similar sleeping disorder
please share ur story!!!!!!!!!!!

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izna is eyelent mengatakan...

haha.. weh ak x kronik cm ko la.. juz kengkdg tue bleh tido from lps isya' smpi subuh esoknye.. wakaka..