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By  Dominic Blaaque     07.19     

Monday is the day
JPJ haha
I've been trashing my dad's car lately
even though i dont have my license yet haha
and i am very2 surprised that a 1987 Manual Car is way much more better
than bunga raya's kancil haha
A 2.0 liter against a 0.66 Liter Kancil that runs on ngv haha
while i was trashing on a quiet road
i was on 2nd gear and i was already 70km/h haha
i cant even go over 40km/h in a kancil on 2nd gear
Then i decided to give naderk a visit since i was passing by her house haha
Wish me luck buddies!!!

Tips on buying a car
people, if u have the money to buy better than a kancil, dont buy a kancil haha
my recommendation, a 2000 Honda Civic

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